Held annually at Harpa during the second weekend of August, Seigla Chamber Music Festival is a must-attend event which promises to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to its attendees. The festival comprises a series of chamber recitals taking place in Eldborg, the largest concert hall in Harpa, and an open program in Hörpuhorn, an ideal space for intimate performances, located in Eldborg’s foyer.

This year's festival program focuses on stories conveyed through music. We will explore folk and fairy tales, delve into the influence of folk music, and explore how poetry, literature, and folklore have been depicted in music throughout history. The program examines how tales, writings, and stories have been used in music in order to convey powerful messages and emotions. Seigla's open program especially highlights female composers as well as Icelandic music. The programs will offer the audience a more personal experience and may include concert talks or conversations with the performers, providing an opportunity to interact with the artists and gain further insight into the music being performed.

Seigla is known for using Harpa's space in creative and innovative ways. The festival strives to create an experience that is not only enjoyable but also thought-provoking. Seigla’s chamber recitals will all take place in Eldborg, Harpa’s largest concert hall, but invites audiences to join the performers on the concert stage. The seating hall will act as a backdrop behind the performers. This adds an extra dimension to the listeners' and performers' experience, creating a more intimate chamber music atmosphere within Eldborg, hopefully enabling the audience to feel like they are a part of the performance.


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