Friends of Huldur

Hörpuhorn • August 13th • 14:30

Huldarvinir, or Friends of Huldur, is a small choir composed of members of the Huldur Chamber Choir. The name of the choir, referring to Huldufólk from icelandic folklore, the huldur has appeared, deep in the sea, driving the waves forward with its langspil, as described in Grímur Thomsen's poem, or sewing sun gold in droplets of the waterfall, as described in Hannes Pétursson's poem.

Huldur Chamber Choir was founded by Hreiðar Ingi Þorsteinsson in 2021 and is composed of young people in their twenties. Huldur has been an active participant in Reykjavík's choral scene in recent years, regularly performing concerts and has premiered 28 choral works in only two years. These include pieces by Hafsteinn Þórólfsson, Hildigunnur Rúnarsdóttir, Hróðmar Ingi Sigurbjörnsson, and Hugi Guðmundsson - clearly depicting an H-themed selection here. The choir has also provided an important venue for young Icelandic composers to experiment with choral music.

Eight members have composed music for the choir - it wouldn't be far off to liken Huldur to a garage band in this regard. However, Huldur sings many other things besides original works: old, new, secular, religious, Icelandic, foreign, traditional, modern, and everything in between.

Huldarvinir will perform, this time without a conductor, at the Hörpuhorn in Harpa Concert Hall as part of Seigla Festival's open program. Huldarvinir will sing some Icelandic choral works that may provide guests with some peace of mind and a little footing for their day.

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