Ljóðaárið 1840

Das Liederjahr 1840

Eldborg • August 12th • 20:00

Within the year 1840, Robert Schumann composed 138 out of his 250 songs. He seemed to be possessed by a passion for songwriting. Robert wrote to his beloved Clara: “Oh, I can't do anything else. I want to sing myself to death like a nightingale!“

At Seigla’s lied recital, Kristinn Sigmundsson and Peter Máté will perform two song cycles by Schumann and both were composed in 1840. Liederkreis Op. 39 contains twelve songs written to the poetry of Joseph von Eichendorff and holds some of Schumann's most beloved songs. The poems are full of doubt and anxiety, but also overflowing with love, romanticism, and joy. They describe the super-sensitive, even neurotic, state of mind that seems to exist nowhere else in literature, except as a peculiar characteristic of Robert's.

Robert's world was not just confined to music. He was a great literary figure, as can be seen from the poems he chose to compose to: well written and profound poetry. Schumann expresses himself as a very unique soul, he is neurotic, mentally ill, super-sensitive, and overpowered by love, and he seems to receive a certain consolation in his songs.

    Robert Schumann:

    Zwölf Gedichte Op. 35, Liederreihe nach Kerner

  1. Lust der Sturmnacht
  2. Stirb, Lieb' und Freud'!
  3. Wanderlied
  4. Erstes Grün
  5. Sehnsucht nach der Waldgegend
  6. Auf das Trinkglas eines verstorbenen Freundes
  7. Wanderung
  8. Stille Liebe
  9. Frage
  10. Stille Tränen
  11. Wer machte dich so krank?
  12. Alte Laute

    Robert Schumann:

    Liederkreis Op. 39

  1. In der Fremde
  2. Intermezzo
  3. Waldesgespräch
  4. Die Stille
  5. Mondnacht
  6. Schöne Fremde
  7. Auf einer Burg
  8. In der Fremde
  9. Wehmut
  10. Zwielicht
  11. Im Walde
  12. Frühlingsnacht
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